Floral Morophology


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B15582Anther, typical young t.s.
B15583Anther dehiscent t.s.
B15584Euphorbia cyathodium v.s.
B15585Hypanthodium v.s.
B15587Epigynous flower l.s.
B15588Hypogynous Flower l.s.
B15589Perigynous flower l.s.
B15590Pollen grain typical type
B15591Pollen grain mixed type w.m.
B15592Ranunculus flower l.s.
B15593Sunflower capitilum v.s.
B15594Composite inflorecense l.s. ovule, showing megasporogenesis.
B15595L.S.ovule showing globular embryo heart shaped embryo.
B15596L.S. dicot seed showing seed coat, embryo and endosperm.
B15597Zea mays young seed v.s.
B15598Seed germination seed l.s. with radicle. stem apem coleoptile