Flask Filter Bolt Neck with Tubule at side

  • Heavy wall for superior strength.
  • The shape is designed to impart maximum mechanical strength.
  • The neck finish is designed for strength and to ensure good stopper fit.

Available Options

Cat. No.Capacity, mlApprox. Height. x O.D.. mmPack SizeShapeQuantity 
15.148.0100R100105 x 7010Conical
15.148.0250R250155 x 8510Conical
15.148.0500R500185 x 10510Conical
15.148.1000R1000230 x 1356Conical
15.148.20002000255 x 1656Conical
15.148.30003000295 x 1706Cylindrical
15.148.50005000360 x 1856Cylindrical
15.148.991010000420 x 2376Cylindrical
15.148.991515000500 x 2571Cylindrical
15.148.992020000535 x 2871Cylindrical