Dropping Funnel, Cylindrical, With Stem Inside Cone, Graduated

Conformity to DIN ISO 4800 Standard. Printed in white color.


Available Options

Cat. No.Stopcock TypeCapacity, mlNeck SizePack SizeQuantity 
15.472.0005Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread5014/232
15.472.0010Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread5029/322
15.472.0015Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread10014/232
15.472.0020Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread10029/322
15.472.0025Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread25029/321
15.472.0030Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread50029/321
15.472.0035Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread100029/321
15.474.0005PTFE Key Stopcock5014/232
15.474.0010PTFE Key Stopcock5029/322
15.474.0015PTFE Key Stopcock10014/232
15.474.0020PTFE Key Stopcock10029/322
15.474.0025PTFE Key Stopcock25029/321
15.474.0030PTFE Key Stopcock50029/321
15.474.0035PTFE Key Stopcock100029/321