Dropping Funnel Cylindrical Plain with Polypropylene Stopper Socket and Cone

Conformity to DIN ISO 4800 Standard. Printed in white color.


Available Options

Cat. No.Stopcock TypeCapacity, mlSocket & ConePack SizeQuantity 
15.455.0005Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread5014/232
15.455.0010Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread5029/322
15.455.0015Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread10014/232
15.455.0020Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread10029/322
15.455.0025Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread25029/321
15.455.0030Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread50029/321
15.455.0035Glass Stopcock With Screw Thread100029/321
15.458.0005PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflow)5014/232
15.458.0010PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflow)5029/322
15.458.0015PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflow)10014/232
15.458.0020PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflow)10029/322
15.458.0025PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflow)25029/321
15.458.0030PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflow)50029/321
15.458.0035PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock(Rotaflow)100029/321
15.460.0005PTFE Key Stopcock5014/232
15.460.0010PTFE Key Stopcock5029/322
15.460.0015PTFE Key Stopcock10014/232
15.460.0020PTFE Key Stopcock10029/322
15.460.0025PTFE Key Stopcock25029/321
15.460.0030PTFE Key Stopcock50029/321
15.460.0035PTFE Key Stopcock100029/321