Chick Ebryology

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Cat. No.DescriptionQuantity 
B17681Reproductive organs of cock
B17682Reproductive organs of hen
B17683Embryo w.m. 16 hours
B17684Parts of egg shown in half
B17685Yolk sac
B17686Formation of yog sac
B17687Internal egg parts
B17688Blastoderm surface view
B17689Chlorion and amnion
B17690Embryo: L.S. 17 hours
B17691Embryo: W.M. 18 hours
B17692Embryo T.S.24 hours
B17693Embryo: L.S. 18 hours
B17694Embryo: W.M. 24 hours
B17695Embry: W.m. 28 hours
B17696Embryo: T.S. 33 hours
B17697Embryo: W.M 33 hours
B17698Embryo: W.M. 48 hours
B17699Embryo: W.M. 72 hours
B1770012 pairs of Somites