Chart for Chemistry, Polyart, Plastic

Classroom size 75 x 100 cms. Printed on polyart plastic sheet, colored, fitted with plastic rollers.


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CHEM-1Preparation of Ammonia
CHEM-2Preparation of Hydrogen
CHEM-3Preparation of Nitric Acid
CHEM-4Preparation of Petroleum
CHEM-5Preparation of Oxygen
CHEM-6Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid
CHEM-7Periodic Tables of the Elements
CHEM-8Shapes of Atomic Orbitals
CHEM-9Extraction of Metal & Aluminium
CHEM-10Formation of Molecular Orbitals
CHEM-11Geometry of Molecules Part-1
CHEM-12Geometry of Molecules Part-2
CHEM-14Orbital Structure of Benzene
CHEM-15Confirmation in Hydrocarbons
CHEM-16Structure of Ionic Solids
CHEM-17Types of Crystal Structure
CHEM-183D Arrangement Solids
CHEM-19Relative Energies of Orbitals
CHEM-20Structural Isomerism
CHEM-22Estimation of Nitrogen
CHEM-24Extraction of Copper
CHEM-25Preparation of Carbon Dioxide
CHEM-26Preparation of Hydrochloric Acid
CHEM-27Types of Cells
CHEM-28Oxidation Reduction
CHEM-29Protein Synthesis
CHEM-30Structure of DNA
CHEM-31Structure of RNA
CHEM-33Sources of Coal Iron-ore & Petroleum
CHEM-34Convex & Concave Lens
CHEM-35Sulphur & Phosphorus (Frasch Process)
CHEM-36Preparation of Sodium Bicarbonate
CHEM-37Preparation of Hydrogen Chloride & Chlorine Gas