Burette, Class B

  • Economy Model.
  • Calibrated at 20°C.
  • The volume content tolerances conform to Class B of ISO 385.
  • Generally used in Titration process.
  • Printed in blue.

* Pinch Clip burettes have a pack size of 10.


Available Options

Cat. No.TypeCapacity, mlSub div., mlTolerance, ±mlPack SizeQuantity 
10.105.0010Straight bore Glass Stopcock100.050.051
10.105.0025Straight bore Glass Stopcock250.10.11
10.105.0050Straight bore Glass Stopcock500.10.11
10.105.0100Straight bore Glass Stopcock1000.20.21
10.106.0010Pinch clip Burette100.050.051
10.106.0025Pinch clip Burette250.10.11
10.106.0050Pinch clip Burette500.10.11
10.106.0100Pinch clip Burette1000.20.21