Burette, Class B

  • Economy Model.
  • Calibrated at 20°C.
  • The volume content tolerances conform to Class B of ISO 385.
  • Printed in blue.

Available Options

Cat. No.TypeCapacity, mlSub div., mlTolerance, ±mlPack SizeQuantity 
10.105.0001Straight bore Glass Stopcock10.010.0061
10.105.0002Straight bore Glass Stopcock20.010.011
10.105.0005Straight bore Glass Stopcock50.020.011
10.105.0010Straight bore Glass Stopcock100.050.051
10.105.0025Straight bore Glass Stopcock250.10.11
10.105.0050Straight bore Glass Stopcock500.10.11
10.105.0100Straight bore Glass Stopcock1000.20.21
10.106.0010Pinch clip Burette100.050.0510
10.106.0025Pinch clip Burette250.10.110
10.106.0050Pinch clip Burette500.10.110
10.106.0100Pinch clip Burette1000.20.21