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B15251Anthoceros thallus v.s. with nostoc colony
B15252Anthoceros thallus w.m. antheridia
B15253Anthoceros antheriadial v.s.
B15254Anthoceros thallus w.m.
B15255Anthoceros thallus with sporophyte w.m.
B15256Anthoceros sporophyte t.s.
B15257Anthoceros sporophyte v.s.
B15258Riccia thallus, vegetative, w.m.
B15259Riccia thallus t.s
B15260Riccia thallus w.m. showing arrangement of sex organs.
B15261Riccia thallus antheridia v.s
B15262Riccia archegonia v.s
B15263Riccia sporophyte v.s (spore mothercell stage)
B15264Riccia sporophyte v.s. (mature)
B15265Moss plant w.m
B15266Moss plant with capsules
B15267Moss protonema w.m
B15268Moss capsule l.s
B15269Funaria plant with capsules w.m.
B15270Funaria archegonia v.s
B15271Funaria archegonia w.m
B15272Funaria antheridia v.s
B15273Funaria stem v.s
B15274Funaria leaf t.s
B15275Funaria capsules v.s.
B15276Polytrichum plant with capsules w.m.
B15277Polytrichum capsule t.s.
B15278Polytrichum capsule l.s.
B15279Polytrichum archegonial head l.s
B15280Polytrichum antheridial head l.s.
B15281Polytrichum capsule median section
B15282Porella sporophyte w.m
B15283Porella archegonia w.m.
B15284Porella antheridia w.m.
B15285Porella plant w.m
B15286Marchantia thallus v.s.
B15287Marchantia gemma cup v.s.
B15288Marchantia antheridial head v.s
B15289Marchantia archegonial head v.s
B15290Marchantia young sporophyte v.s.
B15291Marchantia mature sporophyte v.s.
B15292Sphagnum veg. shoot. w.m.
B15293Sphagnum leaf w.m
B15294Sphagnum stem t.s.
B15295Cyathodium sporophyte v.s.
B15296Rebolia sporophyte v.s