Consists of a permanent block of crystal clear acrylic resin containing a plant specimen. The mounts are permanent and permit object viewing from all six sides. These can be readily and safely handled by students and can be easily stored and displayed.


Available Options

Cat. No.DescriptionQuantity 
B16731Marchantia Antheridia
B16732Marchantia Archegonia
B16733Marchantia Antheridia and Archegonia in one block
B16734Marchantia 4 stage Antheridia, Archegonia, sporophyte and gemma cup
B16735Riccia Thallus
B16736Anthoceros Sporophyte
B16737Porella Fertile
B16738Moss L.H. Antheridia, Archegonia and Sporophyte
B16739Moss with Sporophyte
B16741Sphagnum Fertile
B16742Polytrichum Fertile
B16743Pellia Fertile
B16744Collection of Bryophyta, set of 4