Botany Charts

Polyart Charts are multicolored, accurate in details, printed on plastic, laminated on both sides, washable, non-tearable and long-lasting, with plastic rollers, size 75 x 100 cm.

(1) T.S. in Dicot & Monocot stem
(2) Pinus-1 Male & Female Strobli
(3) L.S. Shoot Apex & its different regions
(4) T.S. Shoot Apex & its different regions
(5) Plant Tissue Cork
(6) L.S. in Flower with T.S. in Anther
(7) Plant tissue Xylem T.S. in simple Pit
(8) Pinus II through female Strobilus L.S. through ovules
(9) Plant tissue Collenchyma
(10) Marchantia Life Cycle
(11) Plant Tissue Parenchyma
(12) L.S. in Root Tip & T.S. in its different regions
(13) Marchantia
(14) T.S. of Root (Secondary Growth)
(15) Adiantum Life Cycle
(16) Stages of formation of Female Gametophyte with the process of Pollination, Fertilisation & Formation of seed
(17) Plant Tissue Phloem
(18) Plant Tissue Sclerenchyma
(19) T.S. in Stem to show growth with a drawing of Lenticel
(20) Adiantum
(21) T.S. Dicot & Monocot Root
(22) Typical plant cell, English only
(23) Plant Mitosis English only
(24) Plant Meiosis, English only
(25) Classification of Plants, English only