BH Curve Experiment


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To observe and study the magnetization behaviour of the ferromagnetic magnetic materials provided.


The B-H curve is the curve characteristic of the magnetic properties of a material or element or alloy. It tells you how the material responds to an external magnetic field, and is a critical piece of information when designing magnetic circuits. A Ferromagnetic material, retains its magnetization even after the external magnetic field is removed. And the reversal or change in the direction of the applied external magnetic field results in a change in the magnetization of the ferromagnetic material. It is seen that the change in the magnetization lags behind the change in the applied external magnetic field. Thereby, a hysteresis behaviour is exhibited.

Key Features

  • Compact Setup –  The apparatus design is compact and yet effective to perform the experiments with ease. The simple connections and stand to hold the teslameter probe, makes it easy to handle.
  • Multiple samples included – Multiple ferromagnetic samples are provided to study the BH curves of the different materials. The removable cores make it easy to change between samples.

Equipments Needed for the Experiment

  • PH94014 B- H Curve Measuring Apparatus 1
  • PH64505 Multimeter 1
  • PH61035D/5 Advanced Power Supply 1
  • PH93240 Teslameter 1

In Stock