Beer Lambert’s Law Experiment


To find the concentration of a liquid using the samples of known concentration using Beer Lambert’s Law.


Beer Lambert’s law relates the attenuation of light through a substance and the properties of that substance. Light interacts with matter in the following ways: emission, absorption, transmission, and reflection or scattering. Depending on the physical and chemical properties of the matter under interaction, there can be one or more ways in which light interacts. It is because of these interactions light can be used as a probe to measure the physical and chemical properties of materials.

Key Features

  • Precise Optical Alignment: The optical alignment of the components is attained by the optical bench, the setting up time is faster and experimentation is easy.
  • Digital Lux Meter: This enables the measurement of light intensity at various angles of reflection. The meter reads with a precision of 1 lux.

What You Need

OB1 Optical Bench Set 0.8m 1
UP001 Upright 2
HA001 Light Source Holder 1
HA004 Polarizer Holder 1
HA006 Analyzer Holder 1
HA012 Adjustable Collimating Slit Holder 1
HA025 Cuvette Holder 1
HA510 Light Sensor Holder 1
DP1 Data Processor 1
PH61022D/2 Power Supply for Light Source 1
AC006 Glass Cuvette 1

Complete Equipment Set with Instruction Manual from catalogue.