Micro Controller Development Board

The Microcontroller Development board is designed to train Engineers about structural design, and instructions and utilize the 8051 microcontroller Board. A 40-pin ZIF socket for easy insertion of an 89 series microcontroller with four 10 Pin FRC connectors is provided on the board. Outputs from the I/O port from the microcontroller are available on FRC connectors which can be easily connected with different modules. Microcontroller Development Board consists of EEPROM with 4K memory changeable with more RTC DS1307 with 32 KHz crystal with battery backup One 12V stepper motor with drivers.

  • One 16 x 2 LCD display.
  • 8 Output LED indicators.
  • 4 multiplexed 7-segment display.
  • 8 single-bit toggle switches.
  • 4 x 4 matrix keyboard.
  • Single Channel ADC with potentiometer and provision of external inputs.
  • RS 232 serial communication.
  • One 12V DC motor driver.

Product Video