Microscience Kits

Throughout the world, national school curriculums are designed to provide science education to all. The aim is to create scientific literacy among students so that they become capable doctors, engineers, scientists in the future. With the traditional way of teaching, the costs associated with imparting science education is huge for both governments and teaching institutions. And science education is provided to only the elite and small portion of the population.

The cost of education is high because of
1. High cost of equipment and teaching materials
2. Shortage of skilled teachers.

These two problems have long created a bottleneck to spreading science education in so many countries.

Microscience kits is a solution to this problem because of the following reasons.
1. The kits are smaller in size and are very affordable.
2. The kits are easy to use.
3. The kits come with in-depth student and teacher manuals.
4. Most of kits materials are made from plastic and are reusable.

Hence, with the microscience approach, teaching of science fundamentals is possible even in areas where no laboratory facilities are available.

The teaching and learning materials for these kits are approved by UNESCO

The microscience kits have been introduced in more than 50 countries across Africa and Asia. Interest in the microscience kits has grown steadily. Research has now shown that this system can achieve the traditional aims of practical work at much lower cost.

Teachers find the kits easy to use while students have a lot of fun performing the activities. Experiments can be performed in classroom itself and the schools do not need any special infrastructure.

The microscience kits are packaged separately for students and teachers to cater to their different requirements.

Student Kits
The Student Kits are designed for use by individual students or by small group of students (2-4). All the materials in the kit are packed inside a box. The most of materials in the kits are made of plastic and are reusable. The box also includes the student manual and worksheets. The students can record their observations / readings in the worksheets. It is the responsibility of the students to clean and maintain all the materials of the kits.

Teacher Resource Kit
The Teacher Resource Kit includes materials that are there in the Student kit and also some additional materials. These additional materials are not included in individual student kit either because they might be expensive, or because they are not needed all the time or because they may be potentially dangerous. All the materials in the kit are packed inside a box. The most of materials in the kits are made of plastic and are reusable. The box also contains teacher resource manual. This in-depth manuals help teachers explain all the kit activities / experiments to the students.


Product # Subject Microscience kitsQuantityAdd To Enquiry
MIS100S Integrated Science Primary Microscience Kit (Student Kit)
MIS100T Integrated Science Primary Microscience Kit (Teacher Resource Kit)
MIS100C Integrated Science Chemicals for Science At Primary Level
MC105S Chemistry Advanced Microchemistry Kit (Student Kit)
MC105T Chemistry Advanced Microchemistry Kit (Teacher Resource Kit)
MC105C Chemistry Chemicals for Advanced Microchemistry Kit
MC200S Chemistry Organic Microchemistry Kit (Student Kit)
MC200T Chemistry Organic Microchemistry Kit (Teacher Resource Kit)
MC200C Chemistry Chemicals for Organic Microchemistry Kit
MC300S Chemistry Microelectrochemistry Kit (Student Kit)
MC300T Chemistry Microelectrochemistry Kit (Teacher Resource Kit)
MC300C Chemistry Chemicals for Microelectrochemistry Kit
MP100S Physics Microelectricity Kit (Student Kit)
MP100T Physics Microelectricity Kit (Teacher Resource Kit)
MB105S Biology Advanced Microbiology Kit (Student Kit)
MB105T Biology Advanced Micro biology Kit (Teacher Resource Kit)
MB105C Biology Chemicals for Advanced Microbiology Kit
MES105S Environmental Science Water Quality and Treatment Kit (Student Kit)
MES105T Environmental Science Water Quality and Treatment Kit (Teacher Resource Kit)
MES105C Environmental Science Chemicals for Water Quality and Treatment Kit